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Domain Storytelling
Domain Storytelling

Domain Storytelling

Domain Storytelling leverages the most natural way to learn a language: listen, imitate and start to speak the language yourself. Little children repeat what they have heard and receive feedback. Gradually, they understand more than words, begin to form sentences and later tell complete stories. In Domain Storytelling, we listen to domain experts as they talk about their work and use their language.

  • 0.5 days in-house or flexible 3.5 hours remote
  • Teamwork and varied hands-on sessions
  • Extensive PDF handout for your reference
  • Up to 12 participants
  • Prerequisites: none

What to expect

In this hands-on workshop, we will work as a team to analyze either an example domain or your own domain. By doing this we will learn and explore the Domain Storytelling workshop method, invest a bit time in its original background and discuss goals and different situational use cases for the method. We will also learn about a simple variant to represent the building blocks of Domain Storytelling with colored sticky notes. This way we may use it in our own organisation’s everyday workshops even more easily.

Building Blocks and Colors

The building blocks we’ll use are aligned with the Storystorming toolbox. By visually mapping known methods such as Domain Storytelling, User Story Mapping and Impact Mapping to a small set of reusable building blocks and colors inspired by Event Storming, all these methods become more accessible to busy organizations, and can easily be linked with each other.

Is this for me?

Are you confronted with analyzing or designing customer journeys, workflows or business processes, with or without a relation to business software development? Are you a domain or business expert in your company required to collaborate with software people? Are you a product owner, a business analyst, a software architect or a lead/senior software developer? Are you looking for lightweight methods to succeed with process or software design workshops?

If one of these questions applies, this workshop is for you!