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Collaborative BPMN
Collaborative BPMN

Collaborative BPMN

Business process modeling is about visualizing activity flows, so that they may be analyzed, improved, and ultimately automated. It can be performed by business analysts, who provide expertise in a modeling discipline, by subject matter experts, who have specialized knowledge of the processes being modeled or directly by software developers, but in the best case by a team comprising all of them.

  • 2 days in-house or flexible 14 hours remote
  • Teamwork and varied hands-on sessions
  • Extensive PDF handout for your reference
  • Up to 12 participants
  • Prerequisites: bring your notebook/computer

What to expect?

Often, super lightweight process modeling methods like we find them in Storystorming will be good enough as a preparation to “go and code”. But for logistically challenging endavours or if you use a workflow engine (like e.g. Camunda) a solid knowledge of the powerful ISO standard BPMN can do the “trick” for you and if you can combine it with lightweight workshop methods to tap into the expert’s knowledge - even better. With this workshop you learn the power of collaborative business process modeling with BPMN:

  • Learn the three basic BPMN element types: activities, gateways and events
  • Learn extended BPMN constructs, like boundary events and (event) subprocesses
  • Learn how to represent communication and messages in BPMN process models
  • Learn about orchestration and collaboration style of BPMN process models
  • Learn about BPMN participants and their responsibilities for end-to-end processes
  • Learn about the relevance of data for processes and the BPMN styles of visualizing
  • Learn how to analyze and design models by applying the token flow principle
  • Learn about best practices with regards to style and readability of your models
  • Learn how to master the questions of required granularity and perspective(s)
  • Learn about modeling on a strategic, an operational and an executable level

Is this for me?

Are you confronted with analyzing or designing customer journeys, workflows or business processes, with or without a relation to business software development? Are you a domain or business expert in your company required to collaborate with software people? Are you a product owner, a business analyst, a software architect or a lead/senior software developer? Are you looking for a powerful method to succeed with process design on a detail level?

If one of these questions applies, this training is for you!